Chandra Soma Body Oil

Chandra Soma Body Oil


2 oz // a sacred oil for lunar rituals & feminine well being

For the moon babies ☾ a dense, emollient oil crafted with the sacred feminine & female reproductive system in mind. Yonis & tatas, say hey.

CRAFTED WITH: sunflower & castor oils • pink yarrow • mugwort • red raspberry leaf • angelica root • shatavari • hibiscus • calendula • alkanet root • clove bud & ho wood essential oils


  • Place bottle of oil in a hot water bath.  Doing so will allow the normally thick castor oil to glide more easily over skin and also release the Clove Bud & Ho Wood aroma.

  • While bottle is warming, set up your space for a mindful, comfortable anointing practice.  Cover your floor space with comfortable blankets, light a candle, smudge some incense, put on soothing music, repeat affirmations, select a crystal or spiritually-infused object to accompany the practice … whatever tools you call upon to usher in a ritualistic atmosphere.

  • Once oil has heated, bring water bath + oil to your ritual space, take a comfortable seat and place a quarter-sized amount of oil in your palm. Rub hands together, place over face and take a big breath in - allow the plant medicine to fill your senses.

  • FOR SORE, TENDER BREASTS and GENERAL BREAST MAINTENANCE: Work oil into your breast tissue using both hands, moving circularly & rhythmically.  When entire breast feels anointed, work oil into sides of ribs lateral to the breast and up into the underarm.

  • FOR PAINFUL PERIODS and GENERAL UTERINE MAINTENANCE: Work oil into abdominal area over reproductive organs, moving in a circular pattern up the right side and down the left side. To drive oil deeper into the tissues, lay down cover abdomen with hot water bottle.  Depending on amount of oil used, you may want to place a thin towel or piece of flannel between abdomen and water bottle.

  • Follow up practices with a warm shower to remove excess oil.

This oil is contraindicated for women who are pregnant or nursing.

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