.:: Generous words from my loving students ::.


Marisa displays a harmonious and melodic spirit. She shows a sincere interest in her students and the solutions to their problems, whether it be general body ailments or possibly a spiritual blockage. She continually supports each person with openness and respect... and excels at developing yoga routines that encourage personal growth while maintaining a balance of effortless ease. She has an amazingly beautiful soul that you will fall in love with... it is these kind of people, like Marisa, that we should surround ourselves with each day, to envelope our souls with likeness so that together we can push through the ever-growing darkness around. Take a class from Marisa and find out who she is, I promise along the way you will find something new about yourself! Glens Falls is going to miss you! - A. DeVit



Many thanks to you for being there for us, and I think of your inspirational yoga class every time I do yoga while I am here in FL. There is nothing like it here. - M. Barry

I wanted to thank you and let you know how much I appreciate your professional, yet personal touch in guiding our classes in the practice of Yoga. You are a remarkable young women. I truly enjoyed and looked forward to your classes. - J. Witty



Ahhh... this woman has a gift, and we are so fortunate to receive it. An amazing restorative yoga class tonight... unwound and ready for the weekend. Grateful for our amazing yogi, Marisa Hall, and this space. - S. Rust

I blessed you in my heart for being so open to helping me with adapted positions. I loved the yoga classes I took this summer: each seemed to be JUST what i needed at that moment. So much love and gratitude to you, my dear! - M. Behr