My practice of Yoga


A LITTLE ABOUT ME :: For the better part of my life, I've been expressing myself through dance, and my yoga practice & instruction reflects this foundation.  I teach to inform students, not how to make shapes or fit into a certain mold, but how to establish an intuitive sense of structure & balance within one's physical form, and from that sense of personal awareness, how we can feel our inherent grace & lightness (yes -- you are full of grace!) flow forth. The Yogic tradition is powerful and transformational, and I truly believe it's positive influence can benefit every body and every mind.


Breath is the vehicle through which transformation is made possible. Anchoring our attention in the present moment, the fire of that attention illuminates the hidden world of our subconscious that we may seldom “hear” but greatly informs our human experience all the same. With the breath as our guide, we can safely and genuinely dive deep, seeing where old thought patterns continue to hold us back and discovering new ways of relating to our physical bodies in the process. The practice of Vinyasa-based yoga honors the breath and sets the foundation for a dynamic, purpose-driven and heart-opening flow.

My open level classes are set at a mellow, intentional pace with the purpose of strengthening your inner resolve and deepening your physical expression. Practitioners can expect a well-rounded practice with thorough centering & warm-up, adaptable standing sequences for strength and stamina-building, and sweet cool down poses to foster devotion and gratitude. Classes will sometimes feature guidance into more physically challenging poses, such as inversions, arm balances and binds, but all bodies will be accommodated for.

Welcome to your flow.


The classes I instruct are an homage to my teachers and the lineages from which their teachings stem. They have shaped me into the teacher and human that I am today. A deep reverence of anatomical design implies the Ashtanga-based roots of my first YTT; my gravitation towards a compassionate, intelligent approach to alignment demonstrates the infusion of Bhakti yoga and a true calling to make the practice of yoga accessible to all.

Everything holds meaning; every moment is deep, vast, an opportunity acknowledge the beauty of existence. I am committed to continuing my own growth and practices of self-study, and aim always to remind my students of our shared human-ness.