One-on-one yoga sessions are magical, soul-healing and authentically conducted in alignment with your personal journey.


Maybe you’re interested in starting a practice but are on the fence about attending a group yoga class. Perhaps you’ve been practicing for awhile and you’re looking for deeper self-study and physical progression.

There is space for it all.

Sessions are structured around your health needs and goals for physical well-being. One-on-one yoga instruction offers you the opportunity to refine your practice and receive personalized assessments and movement techniques in a way that most group classes are lacking. You have the freedom to ask all the questions you want, make all the mistakes that you need, and indulge in all of the therapeutic adjustments.

You deserve to have your needs met.



All the adjustments, all the props, all the healing that stillness and breath can deliver. Part therapeutic massage and part healing asana, these sessions are dedicated to helping each client feel revived, nurtured and balanced.

Ojas is the sanskrit term for the superfine essence of the Kapha dosha. This substance provides the basis for our immunity, vigor and resilience. In many ways, ojas can be viewed as our immune system, but it is so much more -- ojas is the sweetness we draw into our lives via healthful meals, good company, time spent in nature, engaging in activities that make our hearts and minds light up.  Restorative yoga is a deeply healing, ojas-boosting practice, whereby the stillness, coziness and presence cultivated by the practice invites the mind to settle on the heart and the breath to deliver its healing nourishment to every inch of your being.

During these rejuvenative sessions, 5-10 marma (Ayurvedic acupressure) points will be addressed to enhance and deepen the healing magic of this practice. This session is available on a sliding scale basis:

SUKHA :: 45 min

SHANTI :: 60 min

ANANDA :: 75 min

..:: $25 - $80 is greatly appreciated depending on your budget & the duration of your visit ::..


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