Vata-Balancing Body Oil

Vata-Balancing Body Oil

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CRAFTED WITH: sesame & olive oils • ashwagandha root • licorice root • tulsi • lemon verbena • brahmi • lavender & grapefruit -OR- ho wood & frankincense essential oils •

Vata-Balancing Body Oil is crafted from a blend of warming herbs & oils that aid the body in easing tension & calming scattered, stressed, anxious energy.

Great for Vata-dominant individuals, times of uncertainty, instability, or depletion, and cold, dry winter months and climates.

> for external use only.

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+ What's in the Vata-Balancing Body Oil?

SESAME & OLIVE OILS: a base oil combo that’s energetically warming & deeply nourishes skin, hair, nails & all 7 tissue layers.

ASHWAGANDHA: translated as “strength of the horse,” the root of this traditional Ayurvedic herb is fortifying, enhances energy & resilience, combats stress, and is supremely grounding for restful sleep.

LICORICE ROOT: this herb is moistening and grounding, and particularly beneficial for lung & respiratory health.

TULSI: considered the King of herbs in the Ayurvedic Apothecary, this adaptogenic herb is used as a mental rejuvenative, simultaneously calming the nervous system while instilling a clear, sattvic state of mind.

BRAHMI: traditional Ayurvedic herb known for its potency as a nervine tonic; a powerful herb for promoting cognitive function & pacifying heat in the nervous system.