Pitta-Balancing Body Oil

Pitta-Balancing Body Oil

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CRAFTED WITH: coconut & sunflower oils • manjistha • licorice root • lemon verbena • mint • brahmi • calendula • lavender & lime -OR- spearmint & petitgrain essential oils •

Pitta-Balancing Body Oil is crafted from a cooling blend of herbs & oils that aid the body in releasing excess heat & easing tension in the mind

Great for Pitta-dominant individuals, times of intensity, stress or feeling over-heated, and warmer summer months and climates.

> for external use only.

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COCONUT & SUNFLOWER OIL: a deliciously light and cooling blend to deliver refreshment & ease to the body and mind.

BRAHMI: a traditional Ayurvedic herb known for its potency as a nervine tonic; a powerful herb for promoting cognitive function & pacifying heat in the nervous system.

LEMON VERBENA: this lightly scented herb is powerful relaxant for the mind & muscles.

CALENDULA: this sunny yellow flower is a powerful healer for burns and wounds, and whisks heat away from the skin.

LICORICE: this cooling traditional Ayurvedic herb is used to deliver moistness to the tissues.

PEPPERMINT: a cooling herb that promotes mental clarity and heightened awareness, and lends a beautiful refreshing aroma to pacify the heat.

MANJISTHA: a traditional Ayurvedic herb whose red hue implies its affinity for our circulatory system. This ground root has been used for centuries to detoxify and remove heat from the blood, promote healthy skin, and support the function of the liver and kidneys.

LAVENDER & LIME ESSENTIAL OILS: a refreshing, playful & soothing aromatic experience.

SPEARMINT & PETITGRAIN OILS: a grassy, summer-laden aroma profile that evokes sunshine and freshwater dives.