Muladhara Body Oil

Muladhara Body Oil

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CRAFTED WITH: sesame oil • ashwagandha root • lemon balm • tulsi • ginger & bergamot essential oils •

:: MULADHARA :: the Root Chakra • ल • this energetic plexus is connected to our reptilian brain, the deep subconscious and seat of our primal instincts. Cultivation of this chakra stokes an inner sense of stability :: security :: groundedness.

Muladhara Body Oil is crafted to invoke such foundational connections. A simple yet potent formula of herbal stabilizers, this blend is the perfect antidote for winter depletion, post-injury or illness restoration, or anytime deep grounding is necessary.

> for external use only.

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SESAME OIL: energetically warming, this base oil deeply nourishes and replenishes all 7 tissue layers, absorbs beautifully into skin, and provides a sense of calm & ease.

ASHWAGANDHA: translated as “strength of the horse,” the root of this traditional Ayurvedic herb is fortifying, enhances energy & resilience, combats stress, and is supremely grounding for restful sleep.

TULSI: considered the King of herbs in the Ayurvedic Apothecary, this adaptogenic herb is used as a mental rejuvenative, simultaneously calming the nervous system while instilling a clear, sattvic state of mind.

LEMON BALM: this traditional western herb has been used for centuries for its deeply calming, therapeutic effects.

BERGAMOT & GINGER EOs: bergamot EO helps to promote a balanced root chakra; ginger, being the essence of this powerful root, was selected for its warming & “rooting” qualities.