Lovers Body Oil || Seasonal Varieties

Lovers Body Oil || Seasonal Varieties

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CRAFTED WITH: tridoshic oil blend of coconut | sunflower | olive oils -OR- sesame | sunflower | coconut oils • ashwagandha root • arjuna • guduchi • shatavari • ginger root • tulsi • ginger essential oil •

Summer Romance's base of coconut | sunflower | olive oils is gently cooling, ideal for warmer months; Winter Flame's base of sesame | sunflower | coconut oils is gently warming, ideal for cooler months.

> each herb was selected for its aphrodisiac properties, which help to soothe the mind, relax tension in the muscles, and promote balanced circulation.

> these energetic shifts serve to pierce through disconnections and blockages in our minds, bodies & spirits, making this a powerful blend that promotes connection, sensitivity & full-bodied awareness.

> for external use only

Base Oil:
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> SHATAVARI: a powerful Ayurvedic aphrodisiac that supports male & female libido.

> GUDUCHI: classically referred to as "Amrita" or Divine Nectar, this Ayurvedic herb gently heats the body while removing excess Pitta from the body, helping to purify & soothe the skin, joints and blood. Also helps to support the nervous system and healthy reproduction - is there anything it can't do!?

> ASHWAGANDHA: translated as "strength of the horse," the root of this traditional Ayurvedic aphrodisiac is fortifying, enhances energy & resilience, combats stress, and is supremely grounding.

> ARJUNA: this beautiful red-hued Ayurvedic herb is a rejuvenative for the heart, as it strengthens & tones the circulatory vessels and promotes proper functioning of the cardiac muscles.  Traditionally this herb is used to support emotional balance for those experiencing a broken heart or grief.

> GINGER: a classic aphrodisiac herb that warms the tissues and supports healthy circulation.

> TULSI: considered the King of herbs in the Ayurvedic Apothecary, this adaptogenic herb is used as a mental rejuvenative, simultaneously calming the nervous system while instilling a clear, sattvic state of mind.