Kapha-Balancing Body Oil

Kapha-Balancing Body Oil

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CRAFTED WITH: sunflower & sesame oils • arjuna • calamus • turmeric root • ginger root • neem • tulsi • black pepper & gingergrass essential oils •

Kapha-Balancing Body Oil is crafted from a light oil blend & an array of herbs that aid the body in clearing stagnated energy.

Great for Kapha-dominant individuals, times of feeling sluggish, uninspired or unmotivated, and cold, damp spring months and climates.

> for external use only.

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SUNFLOWER & SESAME OIL: this base oil blend is slightly warming and offers a lighter consistency, ideal for a Kapha-balancing massage.

TURMERIC: this powerful root herb has been used for centuries for its anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties, to improve blood flow throughout the hepatic system and increase bile output, and to rid the body of excess mucous.

NEEM: this traditional Ayurvedic herb is anti-microbial & anti-septic, purifies the blood, and cleanses the liver - the ultimate in Kapha-balancing herbs.

GINGER: this herb is widely celebrated for its powerful capacity to detoxify the digestive tract, purify the blood, and promote healthy, pain-free joints.

CALAMUS: this beautifully-scented root is used for its capacity to remove natural toxins, remove excess oil from the skin, and enhance cognitive abilities.

ARJUNA: this beautiful red-hued Ayurvedic herb is a rejuvenative for the heart, as it strengthens & tones the circulatory vessels and promotes proper functioning of the cardiac muscles.

TULSI: considered the King of herbs in the Ayurvedic Apothecary, this heating adaptogenic herb is used as a mental rejuvenative, simultaneously calming the nervous system while instilling a clear, uplifted, sattvic state of mind.

BLACK PEPPER & GINGERGRASS ESSENTIAL OILS: this aromatic experience is out of this world! Stimulating, spicy, and slightly sweet, these essential oils beautifully synergize to stimulate the mind, senses and lymphatic system.