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a deeply nourishing nectar for eyes, face & lips

it started as an eye creme and has proven to be so much more. rich yet light and gentle enough for the most sensitive of skin, she’s the most graceful addition to the MJH apothecary. the subtle energetics of ghee & castor oil help to deeply deliver moisture and healing to our most precious outer layer. if you liked 100x-washed ghee but hated the smell and short shelf-life, T H I S is what you’ve been waiting for.

CRAFTED WITH: sunflower & castor oils • tulsi • calendula • ghee • beeswax • distilled water

USE: less is more; try applying Amrita right after facial oil or serum to help spread it evenly and efficiently

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+ What's in Amrita

  • SUNFLOWER OIL: light, silky & subtle with natural preservative properties, this acts as the perfect base for a smooth creme
  • CASTOR OIL: this thick, nutrient-rich oil helps lashes & brow grower fuller and more lustrous

  • TULSI: grown in VT, this beautifully scented herb helps soothe tired eyes and lackluster skin

  • CALENDULA: grown in VT, this sunny-hued herb is a universal skin healer, helping to soften and brighten dry eyes and red, irritated skin

  • HANDMADE GHEE: a subtle skin conditioner that penetrates deeply, cools & softens delicate skin, and improves complexion

  • BEESWAX: promotes deep healing and moisture retention