.:: Ayurveda & the Spirit ::.


Just as an arrow slices through water, this workshop will explore how Ayurveda can guide us deeper and more skillfully towards our truest selves, towards the life that is pounding on the doors of our hearts. We'll explore the doshas, Sankhya philosophy, and what is means to be a connected, conscious human in this modern era.  Part Ayurvedic wisdom straight from the classic texts and part personal introspection gleaned from my own daily practices and observations, this workshop is meant for the soul - searcher in all of us.

. . . 

This workshop is being presented at the Vermont Be true Yoga Festival, an unplugged weekend retreat that aims to bring together the most heartfelt yoga voices that central vermont has to offer! All are welcome, whether you're a seasoned practitioner or just getting a feel for what the yoga buzz is all about. 

For more information about registration and what will be offered throughout this incredible weekend, visit Vermont Be true Yoga Fest - hope to see you there!