Prajnaparadha translates as "crime against the intellect," and is regarded as the root of all of our imbalances.  Our bodies feed us the inherent wisdom of how to stay in or regain balance daily through signals and impulses - to eat, sleep, drink, express, go to the bathroom, laugh, cry, study, play... the list is endless.  Over time, we begin to fall out of touch with our body's inherent wisdom and ignore the signals - delaying or suppressing urges, eating food that will further bring us out of balance or eating at an unfit time, sleeping when we should be or awake or staying up when we should be sleeping, and so on.

An Ayurvedic lifestyle exemplifies a pursuit of balance, of seeking deep alignment with one's needs for health and happiness.  An Ayurvedic lifestyle does not mean eating, acting, exercising, meditating or living perfectly -- it means deepening our self-awareness so that healthful, soul-fueling decisions become second nature, meaning prajnaparadha occurs less and less.

Through health counseling sessions, we take the time to uncover that blueprint that is at the root of who you are, under what conditions your body and mind function at their best, and what small changes you can make a part of your daily life to bring you closer to these Truths inherent to you and your well being.

AYURVEDIC Wellness coaching

Session Options:

- FREE 30 min Initial consultation // a way to dip your toe into the world of Ayurveda and get a glimpse at how the science would approach your current state of health.

- Initial consultation (90 mins) // $100. Space and time are allotted for you to fill out your comprehensive health history form over a cup of tea, after which we will sit down together and discuss your habits, routines, goals for health and Ayurvedic insights that apply to your unique life.

- Follow-up consultation (60 mins) // $75. We dive deeper into your needs for physical, mental & spiritual growth, helping to form a more complete, nuanced  picture of your unique constitution and health requirements.

- New Client Package: Initial consultation + (2) Follow-up sessions // $200. Save some money and plan long-term!

- Package of (3) Follow-up Sessions // $190


Commonly referred to as Ayurvedic acupressure, this ancient practice of rejuvenation was offered as a healing therapy 5,000 years ago -- older than the Chinese system of acupuncture! Marma therapy works on the subtle body to move prana, or life force, throughout the body, potentially resulting in but not limited to the following:

  • relieved stagnation, stiffness & mental, emotional, or physical blockage

  • calming of the mind & emotions

  • improved respiratory, digestive, circulatory, nervous & lymphatic function

  • enhanced awareness & spiritual development