abhyanga: The ARt of Ayurvedic SElf-Massage

Do you suffer from stress, restless sleep patterns, insomnia, anxiety, or just feeling generally scattered and depleted?  Have you already tried a slew of remedies, practices & medications that aren't doing the job?

Are you ready for a different approach to calm your nervous system, one that represents not only a powerful antidote for our stress, tension, and overactive minds, but also leaves our skin healthy, glowing, and toned from head to toe?

Join me to learn the art of abhyanga, an Ayurvedic practice of self-massage that has been celebrated for millenia -- literally! -- as a potent rejuvenative tool for the body, mind, and spirit.  We’ll discuss why oil is so vital for our skin and immune system, how the practice impacts our mental and emotional health, and how you can implement this practice easily and effectively from the comforts of your own home.

Want to schedule a private self-care or abhyanga workshop for you and some of your friends? Message me!