..:: Generous words from my loving clients ::..

For me, Ayurveda links directly to my yoga practice - helping to answer the questions that arise during self-discovery.  Marisa was able to share her knowledge and passion for her work in a gentle, kind, humorous way.  After our first consultation I was curious and excited for this new world of information, and Marisa was so open and helpful in my discovery process - I truly felt like I could ask her anything.  Marisa helped me to feel an overall deeper connection to what makes me, ME! - S. LaNoir
Marisa is wonderful! She is very knowledgeable and intuitive about her Ayurvedic practices. She can suggest small simple changes one can make to everyday routines... that have really made a difference for me.  She's a great listener and takes a wonderfully holistic approach to whatever she does! - A. McMaster


Marisa is such a passionate and vibrant woman who has endless knowledge and inspirational practices to help you achieve balance in your life! Every time I leave one of her classes I feel like I see the world in a more positive light and I always feel reenergized. She’s the reason I think about what I eat and how I go about my daily life, and therefore, I am more mindful in my living and it feels oh so glorious! Get to know her and open your body and mind to the goodness! - D. Kloepfer

I have always been interested in non-traditional medicine, clean eating, and the power of spirituality.  I liked that Ayurveda was another avenue of exploration, and something that had been in practice for millenia...  [I consulted] with Marisa about my lifestyle and habits, we discussed her recommendations for me to attain the health balance through changes in eating and balance of emotion.  Ayurveda is a complex study; it's a gradual journey of attainment for me, and I'm thankful Marisa has started me down this path! - K. Bryant



I could have listened to Marisa all day and can't believe how quickly the time flew.  I took away so much information and ideas to reflect on and make happen.  Many thanks for your expertise, time, and energy. - G. Gabriels
I am so deeply proud of you and your quest.  The class was wonderful, we all had fun, and it reminded me to take another look at Ayurveda . I look forward to exploring it all. - D. Penfield